A Tale of Two Fish

It so happened that I had to go recently to my Kupat Holim for a blood test, part of a routine check-up. I made an extra effort to come early in order to avoid the crowd, and optimistically had not brought the newspaper or any other reading material, but nevertheless there were many who had come even earlier, and were ahead of me in the queue. It meant a long wait and the only seat available was in front of the aquarium.   More of the story

Gluckel and the Pied Piper

You, the reader, are doubtless surprised at the title of this article. What do these two people have in common that I should write about them? Very little in fact, except that they are both connected with the German town of Hameln – The Pied Piper of Hameln, and Gluckel of Hameln, but living there hundreds of years apart. More in PDF

The Hare with Amber Eyes: A Hidden Inheritance

When I was urged a couple of years ago to read The Hare… (That’s how I will refer to the book) I had never heard of the author Edmund de Waal, and indeed this was his first book and a very successful prize winning one. More in PDF


I recently suffered a fall in my apartment and had to be taken to the Emergency Room of the Sha’arei Tzedek Hospital. It was terribly crowded and I had tried to avoid going there, but there I was. In the space of six hours, I had my blood tested, did an EKG, was X-rayed and CT’d, and checked by several doctors.
More in PDF


The Tuesday Lunch Club was so-called because its members used to meet on the first Tuesday of every month for the mid-day meal. The group had varied in size over the years as the lives of its members adapted and metamorphosed due to changing circumstances. More in PDF


Julia Feldman stood at the door, waiting for her husband to leave for work. As he kissed her goodbye, she said, “Don’t forget it’s the Caspi wedding tonight. Try to come home a bit earlier so you can have a rest – it’s a good hour’s drive.” More in PDF


Every year the High Holydays come around at their appointed time, and every year we say the familiar prayers from the same prayer books, and if we feel the need to, we add our own personal requests. More in PDF


Janet Portman sat at her table in the University library, deeply absorbed in her reading. A yellow pad, a neat pile of books, and a pen in her hand showed that she was a serious student – or at least a well-intentioned one. More in PDF

Blind Date

Blind Date By Esther Rafaeli
Rivka stood at the corner waiting for the traffic lights to change. She glanced at her watch and saw she was a little early for her appointment. Good. The hotel was just across the road and she would have time to pop into the cloakroom, comb her hair and get her nerves under control. More in PDF

Oscar Wilde: A Greek Tragedy

Book Review: The Life of Oscar Wilde by Hesketh Pearson
By Esther Rafaeli
The long evenings of the winter months, and a disinclination to leave my warm home at night, have led me back to my bookshelves. I have enjoyed rereading poetry, novels, and biographies, which I have kept throughout the years: books which I studied in Eng. Lit. Classes or acquired out of interest and enjoyment. More in PDF