A Day in Aden

This was the second installment of an article by Miss E. Shapiro, former sub-editor of the Jewish Herald, Melbourne, on Jewish communities she visited en route to England, October 15, 1948.We, my brother Alec and I, had met a young Jew from Aden on the ship and were fortunate to have one of his relatives show us around during a short stopover there.

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Our Trip to China

Early in 1982, my eye caught a small advertisement in the Jerusalem Post, announcing organized group tours toChina fromLondon. The idea quickly fired the imagination of my husband and me, but we couldn’t carry through our plans that summer.
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Rome: Our Olympic Adventure

The whole thing started two years ago, when my husband decided that under no circumstances was he going to miss the 1960 Olympics in Rome. He felt that if he didn’t fulfill this lifelong ambition this time, when the games were just a few hours flight  from Jerusalem, there was little chance that he ever would. More of the story in PDF

Our Trip to Riga and Moscow

Monday, July 15 (El Al Flight No. LY6365) 9 p.m. Well, here we are actually on the plane toMoscow. Alex is going to visit Riga after 60 years’ absence. After the tension and rush of the last few days, a bit of an anti-climax. We are really on the way, so everything is set in motion. Plane is leaving almost on time. More of the story in PDF

A Visit to Leningrad

I discovered these notes recently, thirty years after I first jotted them down on old airmail letter forms. Probably, I couldn’t find anything else to write on just then, paper being very scarce in the USSR. I think these notes have taken on an historic dimension, since Leningrad reverted to its original name, St. Petersburg, in 1991, following the collapse of the Soviet Union. I haven’t been there again, but am sure there has been a vast change for the better. More of the story in PDF

A Day in Aden