Purely Personal

After I finished writing my story about The Golden Age, I began looking at my own life and reassessing it in a different way. I wanted to remember events I had actually felt and experienced. What had it all been about and how did it unfold itself? What were the things I remembered and why? How did they influence me? Some of these events have already been described in my other family stories, so may be familiar to some readers.

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My Grandmother – Ruhel Leah Szulc, 1869–1942

I grew up without any grandparents, because my parents left  their families in Polandin the early 1920s to fulfill their Zionist dreams inPalestine, and they never found it possible to go back for a visit. This meant that I never had loving grandparents to indulge or care for me. My brother was born inPoland, and some photos of him with aunts or cousins have survived, but I was born in Palestine some years later. More of the story in PDF

The Elevator

“Have you ever been stuck in an elevator?” I have lived to a good old age before such an event overtook  me, and it was definitely an unpleasant experience. More of the story in PDF

Wash day

Rachel tasted the soup and lowered the gas. Now she had time for her morning coffee, and perhaps even the crossword puzzle, her daily mental gymnastics. She had not proceeded very far when the phone rang.  More of the story in PDF

Of Dreams and Premonitions

Although I have always believed in the existence of psychic forces and ESP, and in the power of dreams and premonitions, I myself have never experienced a truly direct encounter with the occult. It has happened that soon after thinking about a person, I met him or her unexpectedly in the street, or received a letter or phone call; but this happens to most people and is not an unusual event. I have experienced on two or three occasions weird moments, which I took to be “prophetic vision” which quite unnerved me. More of the story in PDF

Asi’s Birthday Cake

Months before the actual event, my older son told me that he would be very happy if I made him a lemon meringue pie for his birthday. “You know, the meringue with the lemony filling.” More of the story in PDF

Room Hunting in Tel Aviv

Room hunting in Tel Aviv could be quite an entertaining pastime if it weren’t such a racking business for the nerves and the body. It is rather like a combination of Drop the Hanky and Blind Man’s Buff. More of the story in PDF

A Tree Grows in Rishpon

In 1936 a group of families in Herzliya decided to join a new settlement project which was to be established by the Agricultural Cooperative Society, Ltd. of the Jewish Agency, at Rishpon a few kilometers north of Kfar Shmaryahu.
 More of the story in PDF

My Jewish Carlton

This article may seem untimely or uncalled for, but I have only recently seen the video Bitter Herbs and Honey by Monique Schwarz, made in 1996. This film purported to be a picture of Jewish Carlton in the 1930s and 1940s, but having been a resident there during those years I found it very disappointing. Although there were some interesting  interviews and information, the film did not capture the atmosphere of the times, or give a complete picture of what that life was like. I felt I needed to put my memories on paper before they faded away completely.  More of the story in PDF

The Goldman Boy

My family had known the Goldmans for many years. Actually, we came from the same town inPoland– Lencyza or in Yiddish Lenchitz – a small town nearLodz. Among my father’s old photos is one from 1917 of members of the local Zionist club and Mrs. Goldman appears there. Like my parents she and her husband also migrated toPalestinein the early 1920s, but did not stay very long and continued on to Australia, where he eventually established a profitable wholesale clothing business. I think they were instrumental in bringing our family to Melbourne, and over time developed business ties as well as personal ones.  More of the story in PDF

My Grandmother  – Ruhel Leah Szulc, 1869–1942 My Jewish Carlton