Alex Rafaeli

Alex’s 50th Birthday

This was written to acknowledge birthday greetings from the late Carola and Ariel Bin Nun(originally Hecht,) which was written in German, in rhyme. More of the story in PDF


  1. Love
     I am a man:
    a son of people
    who search for sunshine,
    who search for smiles. More in PDF

Alex Rafaeli – A EULOGY

Some years ago an unusual and unexpected event happened in our family and I said to my daughters Karni and Varda, “you see – if you live long enough you see everything.” More of the story in PDF

Dream and Action

 The twentieth century was a bridge which the Jewish people crossed from the persecution and discrimination in Europe via the inhuman suffering of the bestial Nazi period to the freedom of  independent Israel.

Alex Rafaeli was one of those who dedicated themselves to building this bridge.  Dream and Action is the personal story of a man who lived and actively experienced the upheavals of this period.  He was born inLatvia, and as a child lived through the violent Bolshevik Revolution of 1917, and through the civil war of1921. Educated inRiga in Russian and German cultures, he took his Ph.D. in Political Science at  Heidelberg  University in Germany. There he experienced at first hand the rise of  Nazism and its initial wave which led to the destruction of  European  Jewry. More of the story in PDF

To My Father Alex Rafaeli on His 70th Birthday

As a glass of water cannot sum up an ocean, so I am not summing-up a life,
merely expressing some memories, some nostalgia.

 Some seventy years ago, in the month of Sivan (July 1, 1910)
In a little town close to the renowned Riga,
My father was born, in a good hour, under a lucky star.
More of the poem in PDF


Dream and Action Dream and Action