I was born in Tel Aviv (then Palestine) in 1926 to my parents Fruma (Frimmet) and Zeev (Velvel) Shapiro from Lodz, Poland. My parents, keen Zionists, made aliyah, arriving in Israel in 1922. But life was harder here even than in Europe during the post-World War I period. In 1927 the family emigrated to Australia where many of my parents’ friends...»

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It so happened that I had to go recently to my Kupat Holim for a blood test, part of a routine check-up. I made an extra effort to come early in order to avoid the crowd, and optimistically had ... »


This was the second installment of an article by Miss E. Shapiro, former sub-editor of the Jewish Herald, Melbourne, on Jewish communities she visited en route to England, October 15, 1948.We, my brother Alec and I, had met a ... »

A Day in Aden